Three stewards of Wildwood Park recommend winter walks through Radford’s urban oasis

Liz Kirchner

Snow in the sycamores, icicles under the tufa cliffs, wrens in the cattails—a walk in Wildwood Park is as interesting and beautiful in winter as it is in milder months.

Photo by Liz Kirchner
Under snowy sycamores, Brian Parr admires winter in Wildwood Park.

While Wildwood Park is no wilderness — it’s just a quick peel off Main Street beside the library and the National Bank of Radford, it’s a storied place: it shelters a late-Woodlands period burial cave where bones were rummaged through by saltpeter mining, Civil War cannonballs were lobbed into it from Fairlawn, and bikers zing through it rumps aloft, a small, but critical link on the 4000 mile TransAmerica Trail connecting America from coast to coast.

The 50-acre stream valley cleaved by…

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