Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Bruce Warf proudly holding his gift that he and all the other military personnel received at the HONOR dinner. Olivia Slusher drew a hand gripping a set of dog tags, with the folded American flag in the background, with the words wrapped around the picture, which talked about the value of time moments.

The bold red and white stripes on the United States of America flag represents much more than just a piece of cloth, just as the stripes on a military uniform represents more than just a status. Both can tell a multitude of stories, ‘beyond’ their stripes.

Saturday, November 11, was Veterans Day, a day to honor Veterans who have served in the military and fought to preserve the freedom of American citizens.

On Sunday, November 12, approximately 130 military service men and women with their families gathered at the local VFW Post #4491 to be…

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