Submitted photo
Sheriff April Staton


When April Staton announced her intentions to run for Salem Sheriff, she knew that winning would not be easy. Five other candidates – Tim Sutphin, David Wells, Flint Wright, Richard Goodman and Jacob Carroll – also had intentions of replacing retired Sheriff Ric Atkins.

According to the preliminary results, April Staton received 3,682 out of 8,075 votes cast on Tuesday. The other candidates received the following: David Wells, 1,541 votes; Tim Sutphin, 1,070 votes; Flint Wright, 920 votes; Jacob Carroll, 554 votes; and Richard Goodman, 308 votes.

Behind every winning campaign is a support system. April says the best advice she got throughout her campaign came from a staff meeting in March. “We collectively decided to put the people of Salem before the politics of the race,” she said.

Ann Boyd never doubted that her friend April could win…

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