Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

Martha Dillard creates the Barn Quilts on aluminum panels in her studio at Sinking Creek. When you enter, it seems obvious she is not shy or short on colors, designs or ideas. She desires to develop design patterns based on each individual; remembering a family quilt, honoring a favorite flower or bird, or a specific pattern or color- combination.

As one takes their annual fall drive through Craig County this year, they may want to look for more than just the picturesque changing of the leaves. There are now 100 Barn Quilts hanging on barns and buildings that will add to an anticipated lovely drive.

The Barn Quilts seemed to have made their success stories in many rural counties across the country and in our sister state of West Virginia. Also, Craig’s neighbor, Highland County, began their Barn Quilt trail in 2011.

“As one of their partners…

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