Liz Kirchner

Square dancing and old time music are a cross-generational art. Dancers enjoy their time at a recent event in Riner.

Hand-in-hand with the traditional artisan and skill-building movements that are tapping into an American admiration for self-reliance and community, square dancing has gained a new spring in its step throughout Virginia.

In the New River Valley, The Indian Run String Band has been both kindlers and keepers of the, sometimes flickering, flame of the region’s traditional music and dance. Last Saturday, the band set the autumn square-dance season off on the right foot.

Heading south on Rt. 8 the woodlots and hayfields down the valley to Poorhouse Knob are yellow under mounds of lavender cloud. It’s an early fall evening on the Little River and arriving at Homestead Farm there are crickets in the goldenrod and squawking geese…

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