Vickie Gearheart and her husband Tom of Bonsack own the very popular Flip Flop Shops franchise on the upper level of Valley View Mall.
The Gearhearts’ Flip Flop Shops location in Roanoke sold the most Birkenstocks of any place in the country for the first six months of 2017.

Tom and Vickie Gearheart sold more Birkenstock sandals (553 pairs) at their Valley View store than any other Flip Flop Shops in the country in the past six months— more than the nation’s largest mall, the Mall of America in Minneapolis, that sold 397 pairs, and the second largest shopping mall, King of Prussia, near Philadelphia (447 pairs).

The Gearhearts sold over $52,000 in Birkenstocks from January 1 to June 30, 2017, with King of Prussia selling $39,000, and the Mall of America, $35,000.

Vickie Gearheart said she doesn’t really have an answer for why the sales of Birkenstocks are so high in Roanoke,…

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